About Us

Aplomb: self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation.

The concept of these tees started because of my son. Nicholas is our first born, he was an easy pregnancy and a great baby. Being first time parents we had no idea anything was different about Nick until he started school. Once we started seeing him with his peers, his challenges became more evident. After multiple assessments we discovered that Nicholas has a coordination disorder and some intellectual challenges. Nick has faced some difficult days along the way. His inner strength has been inspiring. 

From the moment Nicholas was born, I made sure he was well dressed. When other babies were pulling off their hats, Nick wore his with a twinkle in his eyes. On the days he needs a little extra boost or courage he likes to wear his "gentleman coat" to school. Nothing pulls a look together like a slick sports coat. 

One of the challenges with a coordination disorder can be getting dressed. Things like small buttons can be a struggle to manipulate.  I want Nick to be stylish, comfortable and independent. Have you ever felt more confident and ready to face a challenging day just by putting on something you feel great in? 

Nick loves characters from movies. Indiana Jones and Jack Sparrow are his all time favorite heroes. He loves to escape into different worlds. This inspired me with our first tees. The He Tees were my first inspiration. I starting putting together a collection of different characters for different moods. The Gentleman,  The Artist, The Sheriff, The Pirate etc.  There's something inspiring about each of these type of characters for what they represent. The Gentleman is posed, polite and honorable. The Sheriff is brave even in difficult situations. I wanted Nick to be able to draw from these strengths no matter what he's facing. 

I can't forget my girls. I want them to feel strong and empowered through all of life's challenges too. I've mirrored many of the She Tees with the same message. 

My daughter Simone has inspired the Monster Collection. She has an artistic flair and a great sense of humor. She has an amazing sense of self, something I hope she never loses. The Monster tees are about bursting out of "the box" and knowing its cool to be an individual.

My daughter Karis is my wings & unicorns inspiration. What's better than believing in magic? Close your eyes, stretch out your arms and fly. Her imagination is exhilarating, contagious and inspiring. 

We want everyone to find the same strength. Most tees have a special message describing their character.  Some silly, some empowering, all of them special. 



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